Blue Dolphin Diving
Mary Bennett Wins Platform, Wins 3 Meter, Wins Grand Masters,
Places 2nd on 1 Meter, & Places 2nd in Women's Syncro
George McGann Places 2nd on Platform, 2nd in 3 Meter,2nd on 1 Meter,       
4th in Grand Masters, 6th in Mixed Syncro & places 2nd in Men's Syncro..
Age Group Nationals Results

JERSEY REBELS take 3rd place as a team @ Age Group Nationals 2009!

JERSEY REBELS Win Region 1 Summer Championships 2009!

Nicole Costello placed 14th on 1 meter and 13th on 3 meter 
in 10 - 11 Girls

Ethan O'Neill placed 5th on one meter 4th on 3 meter and 
2nd on platform
in 12 - 13 Boys 

TJ Schenkel placed 2nd on platform
in 16-18 Boys

Natalie Kalibat placed 16th on platform and 22nd on 3 meter
in 16 - 18 Girls


 Nicole Costello, Ethan O'Neill, TJ Schenkel, Natalie Kalibat, Kara Kozsowski, Clayton Gottlieb, Jesse Lyman for making Age Group Nationals to be held in Moultrie Georgia July 29th-August 5th.
                 A Summary of the New Rules that passed for Junior Diving, which will go into effect January of 2010 are posted under the    Diving Rules button on our website.

     Some updated meet dates are now posted on the Meet Information page of the website.

      The First Scrip Order to be turned in to Candace by Friday September 25th. For more information go to Scrip Program. 

2010 Zone Championship Results

The Following Divers Made JO Nationals in Tuscan, Arizona 
July 23rd-27th

Alex Costello placed 7th on 3 meter  and 14th on 1 meter
in 14-15 Girls

Ethan O'Neill placed 4th on one meter and 6th on platform 
and 9th on 3 meter
in 12 - 13 Boys 

TJ Schenkel placed  3rd on platform and 15th on 1 and 3 meter
in 16-18 Boys

Joey Esposito placed  4th on platform 18th on 1 meter
and 16th on 3 meter
in 16-18 Boys

Natalie Kalibat placed 4th on platform and 12th on 1 meter
and 14th on 3 meter
in 16 - 18 Girls

2010 Spring Master Nationals


Mary Bennett  Wins Platform, Wins 1 Meter, Wins 3 Meter, 
Wins Grand Masters,
& Places 3rd in Mixed Syncro
Mary recieves Dal Stauffer Award which is the 
Top Award for Best Performance at Nationals!

2010 AAU National Championships Results

The Men's Team Won the AAU National Championships!
The Women's Team placed 9th at the AAU National Championships!
The Team placed 4th at the 2010 AAU National Championships!

4 AAU National Champions: Natalie Kalibat on Platform & 3 Meter,
Joey Esposito on Platform & TJ Schenkel on 3 Meter!
    5   Silver Medalists: Ethan O'Neill on 1 Meter, TJ Schenkel on Platform 
                                       & 1 Meter. TJ Schenkel & Joey Esposito on 1 Meter
                                       & 3 Meter Syncronized Diving
    3  Bronze Medalists: Ethan O'Neill on 3 Meter, Joey Esposito on 3 
                                         Meter, & Natalie Kalibat & Lindsay Schmidt on
                                         3 Meter  Syncronized Diving          

Blue Dolphin Diving 2010 National Team
Adam LeCompte, Devon Riley, Nicole Costello, Ethan O'Neill, Zack Gubatina, Alex Costello, Corinne Larkin, LuLu Masclans, Madison Kramer, Kristina Congdon, Maddie Miller, Tommy Hallowell, Michael Card, Jimmy Keaton, TJ Schenkel, Joey Esposito, Natalie Kalibat, Lindsay Schmidt & Emily DeClement

Jersey Rebel Diving 2010 National Team
Ethan O'Neill, Alex Costello,TJ Schenkel, Joey Esposito, 
Natalie Kalibat, Ross Edfort, Chelsea Glincman, Mark Diana, 
Katelyn Serpe, Kristen Hayden,  Lisa Coe, Mickela Robinson, 
Mary Bennett & George McGann

2010 Masters Nationals & World Championships

                 Mary Bennet WINS The Dal Stauffer Award given to the Masters Diver who achieves the best overall performance for the year!

 Mary Bennett also set 3 NEW WORLD RECORDS Wins 
Platform, Wins 3 Meter, Wins 3 meter Syncronized Diving, and places 2nd on 1 meter at the 2010 FINA Masters World Championship held in Sweden! 

                 Mary Bennett also SWEEPS  Events! Winning Platform, Winning 3 Meter, & Winning 1 meter ,  at the 2010 Spring Masters Championship 
held in Athens, Georgia! 

                            Blue Dolphin Diving Club Team     
News & Updates
The following Blue Dophins have signed Early!!!
Kristina Congdon: The University of Delaware
GO Blue Hens!!!
Natalie Kalibat: University of Southern California
Go Trojans!!!
Madison Kramer: Drexel University
Go Dragons!!!
Lindsay Schmidt: West Virginia
Go Mountianeers!!! 
Alice Eltvedt: Princeton University
Go Tigers!!!
The Rest of Blu Dolphin Seniors Commit to College!!!
Colin Hall: The University of Delaware
GO Blue Hens!!!
LuLu MasClans: Harvard University
Go Crimsons!!!

​                               CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
            Blue Dolphin Diving Club Team Performances!
               2015 AAU Nationals, Riverside California 
Violet Williamson 9yr. 4th place 3 meter, 6th place 1 meter
Dhruti Raghuraman 11yr. 22nd 1 meter, 18th 3 meter
Rowland Lawver 12 yr. 1st place 1m & 3m, & 4th on Platform
Charlie Sizer 12 yr.  9th place 1 meter
John Furner 13 yr.  8th place 1 meter, 7th place 3 meter, &
                                 12th place Platform
Ola Kwasniewski 13 yr. 21st 1 meter, 15th 3 meter
Jamie Traub 13 yr.  24th place 1 meter, 23rd place 3 meter
Rosie Gertzman 14yr. 21st place 1 meter, 19th place 3 meter
Hannah Coliazzo 15yr. 34th place 1 meter, 
                                        32nd place 3 meter
Katie Parsons 15yr. 38th place 1 meter, 35th place 3 meter
Victoria Shay 16yr. 18th place 1 meter, 17th place 3 meter
Jess Traub 17yr. 49th place 1 meter, 32 place 3 meter
Corinne Finkbinder 18yr. 21st place 1 meter, 
                                           19th place 3 meter

Blue Dolphin Men place 3rd @ 2012 AAU Nationals!!!
Blue Dolphin Team places 4th Overall 
@ 2012 AAU Nationals!!!
Adam LeCompte, James Albanese, Ethan O'Neill,
 Chris Coles, Nicole Costello, Victoria Shay, 
Corinne Larkin, Laura Carandang, Alex Costello,
& Natalie Kalibat!

 Jersey Rebel Men WON Age Group Nationals !!!
Jersey Rebel Team places 4th Overall 
@ Age Group Nationals!!!
James Albanese, Ethan O'Neill,  Seamus Harding, 
Nash Nickerson, & Lisa Cole
Natalie Kalibat Qualifies
 for 2012 Olympic Trials 
with her partner, Ashley Buchter, 
from Soaring Eagles on 
10 Meter Synchro to be held in
Seattle Washington June 14th- 23rd, 2012

Natalie Kalibat  & Ashley Buchter

Win 2012 Olympic Trials 


Women's 10 Meter Synchro 

Seattle Washington June 22nd, 2012

Chris Coles 
Qualifies for 
2012 Senior Nationals
by placing 5th on Men's 10 Meter Event
@ Senior Preliminaries Zone A 
to be held in Greensboro, NC
August 11 - 19th, 2012

Natalie Kalibat Sweeps 19 + Events!!!
Ethan O'Neill Wins 1 Meter, places 2nd on 3Meter & Platform, 6th on 1Meter 
16-19+ Synchro & 2nd on 16-19+ 3Meter Synchro!!!  
Adam LeCompte places 4th on 1Meter and 3rd on 3Meter & Platform!!!
James Albanese places 2nd on 1Meter, 7th on 3Meter & Platform & 6th on
16-19+ 1Meter Synchro!!!
Chris Coles places 3rd on 3Meter , 2nd on 1Meter and 16-19+ 3Meter Synchro.
Victoria Shay places 19th on 1Meter & 17th on 3Meter!!!
Nicole Costello places 5th on 1Meter, 7th on 3Meter & 2nd on 14-15 1Meter Synchro!!!
Alex Costello places 9taurh on 3Meter & 10th on 1Meter!!!
Laura Carandang places 33rd on 1Meter & 31st on 3Meter & 15th on 16-19+ 1Meter Synchro!!!
Corinne Larkin 28th on 1Meter & 3Meter & 15th on 16-19+ 1Meter Synchro!!! 

Ethan O'Neill Wins 3Meter, Wins Platform, & places 4th on 1Meter!!!
James Albanese places 24th on 1 Meter & 17th on Platform!!!v
Blue Dolphin Diving has been a leader in Junior Olympic Diving. Developing many nationally ranked divers!

The Most Notable diver produced is 
Steven LoBue: 
The #1 Ranked RED Bull Cliff Diver in America!!! 
Competing all over the World he is the Top American! Steven is the first Diver in the World to ever do a Quint (5 Somersaults) with a ½ twist from 27 meters!
Highlights from 2012 AAU Nationals
Highlights from 2012 Age Group Nationals
Welcome to the New & Improved Blue Dolphin Diving Website!!!
​      There are only 6 openings on  The Blue Dolphin Diving Team  for the 2016-2017 Season. So make sure you register right away!

Information on how to complete your registration for the fall season will be sent to each diver who completes the online registration. Current Team members will be sent an email on making sure their registration for the fall is completed by August 1st, 2016.   

If you have any questions please email; 
                     Candace Gottlieb @  only 
The Following Divers have Qualified for AAU Nationals to be held in
 San Antonio, Texas July 20th - July 30th:

Ola Kwasniewski, Mika Rappaport, Isabelle Lovvoll, Katie Parsons, Hannah Colaizzo, Eleana Li, John Furner, Adam LeCompte, Tommy Trasser, Victoria Shay, Nicole Costello, Maddy Campbell, Alex Costello, Hannah Raymond, Laura Caradang, Ethan O'Neill, James Albanese, George McGann, Maddie Miller, Kristina Congdon, Madison Kramer
                                                                                  Mika Rappaport                                             &                                   Rowland Lawver​

                    for Making                                US Diving East Nationals                       to be held in                                      Largo, Florida
          April 25th-28th, 2014!

Also congrats to all the other Jersey Rebel Divers for have a good meet!
Ethan O'Neill, James Albanese, Nicole Costello, Hannah Raymond, Maddy Campbell, Victoria Shay, Adam LeCompte Isabelle Lovvoll, Eleana Li , & Viloet Williamson! 
Blue Dolphin Diving Club Team
There is currently 3 openings on the 
Club Team 2017-2018 Season

Registration For The 2017-2018 Season 
is now open! 
Click on link below to fill out Registration form.

Registration fee for the fall season is 
Due by AUGUST 1, 2017
Violet Williamson
Placed 1st on 1m
& placed 2nd on 3m
& qualified for the 
Red, White & Blue National Championships 
Memorial Day Weekend in Coral Springs, Florida!!!!!

The following Divers qualified for the 
2017 AAU Red White & Blue Nationals
to be held
May 26th-29th, 2017
in San Antonio, Texas

Phoebe Rounds, Maggie Chrnelich, Sofia Bernard,
Dylan Oster, Violet Williamson, Rowland Lawver, Luke Dotson,John Furner, Colin Hickey, 
Brody VanHoorn, Ola Kwasniewski, 
Lance Christopher, & Adam LeCompte
Clayton  B. Gottlieb
Age 23, of Cherry Hill, NJ
May 30, 2017

Beloved son of Candace Baker Gottlieb of Cherry Hill, NJ and Gordon M. Gottlieb of Pennsauken, NJ; Cherished brother of Justin T. LaRagione, Brandon L. Gottlieb & Tyler B. Gottlieb; Dear nephew of Gary (Judy) Baker, Berl (Jill) Gottlieb and Jeffrey (Donna) Gottlieb; Treasured great nephew of Ronald Baker and Loving cousin of Julie Baker.

Clayton's family will receive friends on Monday, June 5th, 11am - 12:45pm, at the Lutheran Church of Our Savior, Wood Lane & Wayne Ave., Haddonfield, NJ; where his Service will follow promptly at 1pm.  Interment, private.

In lieu of flowers, contributions to his Go Fund Me "Remembering Clayton" would be greatly appreciated.  

Former Blue Dolphin Diver Steven LoBue Wins
  17th FINA World Championships in 27M High Dive!!!!!

​Airs Tonight 7/30 8pm Olympic Channel
​                   Congratulations Blue Dolphin Divers 
              2017 AAU Nationals in Huntersville, NC!!!!!


Maggie Chrnelich 6th 3m & 9th 1m, Phoebe Rounds 12th 3m & 14th 1m, Sofia Bernard 9th 3m & 13th 1m, Dylan Oster 15th 3m & 16th 1m, Violet Williamson 1st 3m & 2nd 1m &
12th Platform, Francesca Pendus 11th 3m & 9th 1m, Soorya Baliga 23rd 3m & 24th 1m, Beth Evaldi 7th 3m & 20th 1m, Zein Mahana 3rd 3m & 4th 1m, Charlie Sizer 12th 3m &, Rowland Lawver 3rd 3m & 3rd 1m & 4th Platform, Luke Dotson 7th 3m & 7th 1m, Melody Lin 22nd 3m & 27th 1m, Brody VanHoorn 15th 3m & 16th 1m, John Furner 13th 3m & 14th 1m & 8th Platform, Colin Hickey 12th 3m & 13th 1m & 10th Platform, Lizzy Hare 32nd 3m & 34th 1m, Lance Christopher 18th 3m & 17th 1m & 15th Platform , Chloe Smith 44th 3m & 51st 1m, Hannah Collaizzo 55th 3m 61st 1m, Amy Carosi 43rd 3m & 50th 1m, Dillon Hall 4th 3m & 10th 1m, Julianna Lebak 28th 3m & 31st 1m, Adam LeCompte 24th 3m & 16th 1m & 17th Platform

BDD Team Suit Order Portal Link
Click Here to Order

BDD Team Apparel Order 
Click Here to Order
​( will leave the BDD website)

All team divers are required to have
a Team Jacket/Pants and BDD T-shirt
to wear at the meets.

Congratulations George for a great job at Masters Nationals!!!!!!

Masters 50-64 Synchro. Mixed
George McGann / Melanie Milone ECMD / U 4th 148.65

Masters 50-64 Synchro. Men
George McGann / Kevin Lynch ECMD / TROJ 3rd 127.53

Masters 50-54 Men 3m
George McGann ECMD 4th 314.40

Masters 50-54 Men 1m
George McGann ECMD 3rd 320.60