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I have read the enclosed information and I am current on all the Blue Dolphin Diving Team Policies posted on the website, under About The Team. I understand Blue Dolphin Club Team runs from September to July including all National Meets that a Diver may qualify for, held through August.
I also understand that Blue Dolphin Diving Club Team is a yearly program, not a month to month program. The Blue Dolphin Diving Club Team runs from September through the time we leave for AAU Nationals, or US Diving Nationals. Whatever team you join you are committed for the entire year. For each program you are given a choice of Payment Plan to sign up for. All fees are due for the entire year according to the program joined, and are non-refundable. If a diver chooses to stop diving anytime through the year, all fees are still due according to the program joined, for the remainder of the season, or until a new diver has taken their place,once the team is full. I also understand that all fees are still due even if a diver gets sick/ takes a family vacation/ gets injured/ or chooses to do an extracurricular activity/sports in school during different marking periods, and are unable to train like normal. I understand that Parent’s are to help run any invites or dual meets that the club may hold during the year. I also understand that the club runs 3 intensive training weeks each year. These intensive training weeks are a part of entire training program for the team, and all team members are expected to participate in the training's. If you choose not to attend the intensive training's, there is no practice available during the intensive training's for those divers. All practices are scheduled around the availability of the pool. When we travel to any National Meet, all team members must stay at the team hotel. At all other meets that we attend that require a hotel stay, you are welcomed to stay at any hotel you choose. 
  I understand that under no circumstances is anyone to take any complaints about any College Rules to any TCNJ staff members. All Team members & family members must follow all TCNJ pool & College rules. Any concerns that a diver or parent may have must be brought to Candace Gottlieb, and not brought any other Blue Dolphin Staff Members. I understand that a diver who displays any Unsportsmanlike conduct to any teammate, or Coach of Blue Dolphin Diving, or any TCNJ staff members, in or out of the pool will be immediately dismissed from the team. Any disrespect-fullness or misbehavior's displayed by any diver during any practice or at a meet will be dismissed from that practice or meet without question. If any diver continues to be disrespectful after being warned, than that diver will be dismissed from the team without question. If a diver or diver’s family members display any of the above actions mentioned above, will cause a diver to be dismissed from the team immediately. 
  By electronically signing your names below, you are agreeing to understanding all team policies and agreeing to follow them.
  My child's name, parent's phone number, & parent's email address may be used in the team directory. My child's picture may be published on the Blue Dolphin Team Website or on any published material for the team.
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Once Registration Online is Submitted & Annual Dues (Program Deposit) is Sent To:       
        Candace Gottlieb       
        223 North Woodstock Drive
        Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Make all Checks Payable to: Candace Gottlieb
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