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Previous Diving Experience:

Who may register for the Blue Dolphin Diving Pre-Team: 
Anyone who is interested in learning how to dive! Beginner divers who may have just started diving for a Summer League Team.  The Program will focus on mechanics and fundamental skills of diving. It will introduce divers to competitions through dual meets in the Tri-State League and local invitational’s that offer Novice Levels. Great for new divers, & summer league divers.

Length of Program:       September - End of May  

Team Registration:   Registration is now open to Pre-Team Members.

Go to:

And fill out registration form on line. Once you have completed and sent in the registration form, Candace will then send you an email with instructions on how to complete your registration. It's first come first completed, to guarentee a spot on the Blue Dolphin Pre- Team. 

Practice Times:      4:30pm - 5:30pm  Wednesdays
                                     10am-11am               Saturdays
                                     11am-12pm               Saturdays

Practices offered:      2x a week  or  3x week

     Divers will need to pick  their practice days when registering.

Insurance: All Divers MUST join AAU before the first day of practice. All divers MUST email me a copy or bring a copy of their membership to their first day of practice. AAU registration begins August 15th for the New Year. 

Copy and paste this into AAU to sign up. 

NEW Team MEMBERS Join AAU:                   

Club Name:    Blue Dolphin Diving
Blue Dolphin Diving Club Code:    WW6EAT
Program:     Youth Athlete Membership
Sport:  Youth Sport  (Diving)  
Membership Term/Category:    Membership expires August 31st, 2017 
Added benefit (Extended Coverage AB) membership $16.00.
           (AAU Insurance is a secondary insurance coverage) 

Blue Dolphin Diving is a NON-PROFIT Organization:

                      The Dolphin Booster Club, Inc.

      By being a 501c non-profit corporation divers have the opportunity raise money to help with their diving expenses that they don’t get with other teams. Blue Dolphin Diving is a non-profit organization. Our Corporate name is The Dolphin Booster Club, Inc. and we are a 501C corporation. Our tax ID # is 22-3261316. If anyone would like further information on fund raising please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Fund Raising Available to Divers:
Scrip Program:
This year we will be once again offering the Scrip Program. Basically it is purchasing gift cards/e-cards to hundreds of different stores, grocery stores, clothing stores, etc. Places  that everyone shops all the time. 
You will receive 100% of the rebate percentage earned
(Example: Macys you can purchase $25 and $100 gift cards and you will receive a 10% rebate that will be placed in the driver's scrip account to use towards diving costs) 
Please use the above link to the Great Lakes Scrip Fundraising webpage to view ALL the merchants; you will be surprised at how many merchants are offered that you use every day and each merchant offers their own designated rebate percentage - CVS (6%), Wawa (1.5%), Acme (4%), AMC (8%), ShopRite (4%), Dunkin Donuts (3%), Starbucks (7%), Panera Bread (9%), Target (2.5%), BP (1.5%), Macys (10%), TJMaxx (7%), Ebay (3%), Gap (14%), Amazon (3%), Express (10%), Athleta (14%), Pottery Barn & Crate Barrel (8%), California Pizza Kitchen (8%), Cheesecake Factory (5%), The Children's Place (12%), Christmas Tree Shops (7%)....the list goes on....  Many of these merchants offer scrip available immediately via e-cards!!!  Contact the Scrip Coordinator to get started. 
Anyone who leaves team for any reason, forfeits whatever they have in their individual fundraising fund to the general budget.

     For More Informaiton contact Candace Gottlieb
    at:  or call 856-287-0218

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