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The Blue Dolphin Diving Team 
Blue Dolphin Diving Club Team, 11& Under Program, Pre-Team Program. 

Blue Dolphin Diving is a NON-PROFIT Organization
The Dolphin Booster Club, Inc. 

  By being a 501c non-profit corporation divers have the opportunity raise money to help with their diving expenses that they don’t get with other teams. Blue Dolphin Diving is a non-profit organization. Our Corporate name is The Dolphin Booster Club, Inc. which is a 501C corporation. Our tax ID # is 22-3261316. Our New Jersey Charitible Registration number is CH-11432-00. If anyone would like further information on fund raising please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Fund Raising Available to Divers:

Scrip Program:  
This year we will be once again offering the Scrip Program. Basically it is purchasing gift cards/e-cards to hundreds of different stores, grocery stores, clothing stores, etc... Places that everyone shops all the time. 
You will receive 100% of the rebate percentage earned. (Example: Macys you can purchase $25 and $100 gift cards and you will receive a 10% rebate that will be placed in the diver's scrip account). 
Anyone who leaves the team for any reason, forfeits what ever they have in their individual fundraising fund to general budget.

Sponsors:  This means, that someone can donate money to the organization and write it off on their taxes 100%.  Contact Candace to find out more information about obtaining sponsors.

Diving Practices & Diving Practice Policy:
Each month the schedule will get posted on the website.  Practices are offered around the College Schedule and pool availability, and the 3 intensive training weeks that are offered through the year, as always. Remember without a successful College program there is no Club Team. 

Practice Schedule offered for Club Team (3 or more/Week):
Mondays  Wednesdays & Thursdays  4:30 - 7 pm  Fridays 4:30-6:30 pm 
Tuesdays 4:30 - 7 pm (National Team Finalists Only)
Saturdays 9 am - 11 am (when available)
New Divers/ Exclude Tuesdays as choice of practice days weekly,
Thursdays 5:30-7:30 Tower @ Rutgers University. 

 Divers Commitment to the Program & Practice:  When you join The Blue Dolphin Diving Club, divers are committed to the the program for the entire year, and they are committed to attend  AAU Nationals at the end of the Diving Season if they qualify. Divers have the choice of coming to practice which ever days weekly best fits your schedule. They are offered the flexibility of choice,  for which ever days are offered for the program they sign up for. I want all my divers learn to discipline their time and manage their school work successfully! Bottom line is, that I want my divers to WANT to be @ Practice, because they WANT to be good! You do not have to call or tell me why you are not there. If you miss practice, for what ever reason, it is your choice. Obviously if any of you get extremely ill or get injured out of the pool, please make sure you inform me. Be aware that the results that are achieved at competitions are directly related to the consistency a diver attains at practice! I really would rather have all my divers coming to practice as much as possible. Because, it makes it a whole lot easier to train someone when you see them more often. But I realize that not everyone has the same goals with their diving as I may have for them, but hopefully we will meet somewhere in the middle. Reminder, although diving is a individual sport we are also a team. And there is no i in the word team. So when it comes to attending meets, especially AAU Nationals at the end of the year, I expect everyone who has qualified for Nationals to attend as a TEAM.

The 11 & Under program:  Practices any 2 x / week.
   (You must be under 11 years old for the entire diving season to join.)
Mondays,Wednesdays & Thursdays 4:30 - 7 pm & Fridays 4:30 - 6:30 pm 
Saturdays 9 am - 11 am (when available)
The program offers the flexibility of choice of which two days each week they would like to train, therefore there are NO MAKE UPS allowed if you miss any workouts. 

Practices will be offered for Pre-Team: (2 practices/week): 
         Saturdays 10 am -11 am and/or 11 am-12 pm 
         October 2017  - December 2017  &  January 2018- March 2018

Tower Practices: Will be offered on Thursdays when available
Master Divers and Full Time Club Team Members Only.
 ( Fee $20/ practice to Rutgers Coach)

Insurance Fees:  AAU Membership is mandatory for Blue Dolphin Divers!                                     Go To:
Memberships start for the upcoming season August 15th, 2018
Sign up for Youth Athlete with extended Coverage $16.00 
Enter Blue Dolphin Diving Club Code:  WW6EAT
                        (This is a secondary insurance coverage for all athletes)

Diving Fees:  Diving Fees are yearly according to the program joined. 
You are given a choice of payment plan either bi-monthly or monthly. 
The monthly payment plan costs more yearly to dive than the bi-monthly payment plan. The monthly payment plan for full time or 2x weekly divers include payments monthly through the end of July. Understand, that whatever program you join, you are committing to dive/pay for the entire Diving Season!
All fees are due on the first of the month according to payment plan chosen, after the 5th of each month late fees will be enforced. Divers will have to sit out of practice once a diver is 30 days late paying their diving fees, according to the payment plan they signed up for, and may return to practice once all fees are paid and current. If a diver chooses to do a fall sport or spring sport in school,  or take a family vacation, or gets injured, or stops diving during any part of the diving season, all diving fees for the rest of the year are still due for the program joined, unless I  find someone to replace them. Blue Dolphin Diving Team will close it's registration once it hits capacity for the programs offered, which is why fees are yearly.

Meet & Training Policy: 
Blue Dolphin Diving:  Club Team &/or Pre-Team
No matter which program joined, all divers will be trained to master competitive skills/dives on both 1 meter, 3 meter  and with the coaches approval to attend platform practices, will be trained to reach each diver's individual ability! All Divers will attend Local Meets and AAU Nationals (if Qualified). And, it is expected that all divers will attend the intensive training weeks scheduled.  The separate training weeks offered are part of the entire training program offered for Blue Dolphin Divers. Also those who do qualify for any National Diving Meets, it is expected that they will attend. The only way a diver will become good is to get as much experience not only training but competing.

USA Diving Membership: Club Divers will be notified when it's time  to register and Join USA DivingDo not join until notified to do so.

Go To:   Click on Join USA Diving Gold Membership
          Cost: &75.00  Team Name for US Diving:  Blue Dolphin Diving

Late Fee Policy:   All fees are due on the 1st of each month! If your payment is not received by the 5th of the month, there will be a $25.00 late fee. If your payment is not received by the 30th of the month there will be an additional $25.00 late fee and the diver will not be allowed to practice until the bill is paid. Please pay in a timely manner to avoid late fees. This policy will be strictly enforced. All Fees are non-refundable.

Private Lessons:  Private lessons by Candace. For more information contact Candace at

Coaching Fees:  Are due on Wednesday before the meet entered. Those divers scheduled to attend meets will be responsible to pay coaching fees even if they decide not to attend meet. 

Coaching Travel Costs:  All Coaching Travel Costs will be divided by the number of athletes that are scheduled to attend the meet once the beginning years Coaching Travel budget (Club Divers) is exhausted. If any funds are left in Coaches Travel fund at the end of the year, those funds will go into the general budget.

Hotel Policy:  All team members when traveling to National Meets must stay at the Team Hotel. NO ONE is to make any hotel reservations for these meets. Our price is determined by the number of rooms we request for the group. If that number drops, our nightly negotiated price for the team will increase. Hotel information will be sent to you with meet information. It is each parent’s responsibility once instructed by email, to call the hotel, to move their room to their credit card and give their arrival and departure dates. If for some unforeseen reason a diver cannot attend the meet. (Injury, Family Crisis) you are responsible for canceling their room. If you do not cancel, you are still responsible for any costs (cancellation fees) associated with reservation. Anyone who does not follow team policy may be scratched from the meet. Please understand, when we travel, we travel as a team. 
When traveling to any other meet that requires a hotel stay, except National Meets, you may stay at the hotel of your choice. 

Intensive Trainings: There will be 3 intensive training weeks scheduled during the entire Diving Season. January/ April or May / June or July. 
It is expected that all team members attend these training's offered. These training's are part of the entire training program offered for our Divers. Only those who attend the intensive training's will practice during those weeks. I bring in high level coaches to work privately with the kids. It is an important part of the training program that I offer my athletes. It is highly recommended that all team members attend these training's to get the most out of the program.

Hosting meets: 
BDD Invite December 2016  &  Blue Dolphin Diving Invite April/May 2017
& we will possibly be hosting a Regional meet/AAU Qualifying Meet in April. All parents must work the meets our team hosts! We have a reputation that we put on great meets, and I want that reputation to continue.

Family Commitment: All members of the Club Team & Pre-Team Parents will be scheduled to help with meets. Each Family will be asked to donate $25-$35 to purchase the Concession Stand contents for Coaches meals, breakfast for athletes, and contents of raffle bags. If you cannot work the meet, or choose not to fulfill your team commitment, you have the option to pay $50.00 per day, so we can hire a college diver to take your place. Our team is known for hosting great meets for the kids! Plus, I have a great group of committed parents that work extra hard for the kids at all our meets. So please do your part, it is for the kids! All the money earned from all meets, goes into the general budget. It is used to purchase equipment, training aids (over $36,000 worth of equipment has already been put into the pool for training purposes), & subsidize and offset expenses that keep your fees at the current level.

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